Ronan Carroll, PhD

Principal Investigator

Don Holzschu, PhD

Ultrapure Research Scientist

Ryan Steere, MS

Lab Technician

Julia Tennant

PhD student

Jacob Hensley

PhD student

Zoe Wilfing

PhD Student

Lorna Vizmeg

PhD student

Emily Sudnick

HTC Undergraduate student

Octavia Hogue

HTC Undergraduate student

Jayanna Smith

Cutler Scholar Undergraduate Student

Former Lab members

Dr. Paul Briaud, Postdoctoral researcher at Georgia Tech 

Riley Zielinski, Graduate Student at University of Washington 

Alan Lee, Undergraduate at Case Western Reserve 

Dr. Raeven Bastock, Kim Orth’s Lab at the University of Texas Southwestern, Howard Hughes Medical Institute Fellow 

Dr. Marcus Wittekind, Research Scientist at Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Rich Wiemels, MS, Ohio State University 

Emily Marino, Fulbright scholar at JGU Germany

Ana Mayher, Clinical Research Coordinator at Children’s Hospital Colorado

Abby Bonsall, Medical Lab Technician

Dr. Rachel Zapf, Research Writer at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

Hailee Sorensen, Harvard graduate school

Dr. Rebecca Keogh, Postdoc at University of Colorado (Horswill & Doran Labs)

Gillian Null, University of Cincinnati Medical Student

Andy Caillet, Medical student at OU-HCOM

Emily Trzeciak, Fulbright scholar at JGU Germany

Kellie King, Virginia Tech grad school (Caswell Lab)

Caleb Burke, Molecular Technologies Laboratories

Maximillian Williams, Molecular Technologies Laboratories

Nikki Meyer, Cleveland Clinic

Ashley Chong, Abbott Laboratories

Kayla Howell, Fairfield Medical Center Microbiology Lab

Samantha Selhorst, University of Maryland School of Medicine 

Stephanie Cech, UC Santa Barbara graduate school

Lexi Degenhard, Medical student at OU-HCOM

Tyler Bender, Medical student at OU-HCOM